Saturday, December 12, 2009

We got our Secret Paws package!

We got our package on Wednesday but Mom was too lazy to open it. We thought she was doing to make us wait till Christmas.

Angel: Look, Kirby, It has our names on it.
Kirby: Who's it from?

Angel. It says Darling Millie in the corner.
Kirby: Wow, she is a pretty Tuxie lady !
Angel: Lets get this open!

Kirby: Can I check in the package?

Kirby: We need to open the little packages!

Angel: Temptations! Beef and Chicken!
Kirby: Mouses and balls!
Angel: And a pretty card!

And a blue mouse just for me!

Kirby: Wait, did I say temptations? We want some!

Angel: May be I better check the package, too!

OK, All empty. I am taking my mouse in the sewing room to play! Thanks Millie and your Mom! We really like our presents!