Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Four Crazy Cats - Secret Paws Arrived!!

Our Secret Paws box arrived on Christmas Eve, and from Willow. She is a cat we'd never met before so we were extra excited to learn about a new kitty!

Devon waiting so patiently to open this fun looking box!
Devon and Tanner helping me unwrap all the goodies. We loved how everything was individually wrapped...it kept us in suspence that much longer! Auntie is taking pictures of the event.
This was an interesting toy...you pulled a string and it vibrated and moved around. Devon thought is was great fun, but Tanner was frightened. Even today, he's not too sure about it, although he'll come running when he hears it.
Devon claimed the nip cigar while Tanner and cousin Pirate looked on. We loved how our toys were in our favorite colors! The boys have been enjoying their new toys. I've pulled these mice out from under the stove numerous times now. I've found a couple of new toys upstairs too!
Here's a picture of all the loot :) We got a really nice letter from Willow herself. I loved the picture Willow's mom made using some pictures of the boys from their website.

Thanks Willow for being our Secret Paw!