Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Nikita Cat Plays Santa Paws

Hello everyone! I'm Nikita Cat!

Happy Chrissymouse!

Unlike many of you I do not have a blog of my own.

My home is a Category Archive on the Blog that Daddy has.

I have been his co-blogger for over 7 years, the last 2+ on his current blog.

Daddy blogs at Musings of a Mad Macedonian.

My home is called Nikita's Place, and if anyone adds me to a blogroll I encourange then to use that name, and link. ;-D

I am, like Daddy, a poet, humorist, news junkie, and comentator on the world at large, in this case anything Feline related. ;-D

I have a huge collection of Feline related links in my own section of the sidebars on the blog, and have been a frequent contributor to, and host of, Carnival of the Cats.

I have never done something like Secret Paws, and am having great fun participating.

It was a Major Production, and a lot of work, let me tell you!

Daddy got me a Box from UPS, and I grabbed all the supplies I needed from around the apartment, and set to work!

First thing was to get the gifts out of the bag...

Which took a little effort on my part!

I finally got everything out of the bag, and into the box, and the box stamped & sealed, and ready to go!
The recipient can tell what the gifts are, and what the stamps are, hee, hee!

Yesterday, Daddy & I took the package to the Post Office & sent it on its way.

I'm an Indoor Cat, but one with a my readers know I have a variation of what is known, in the Feline Community, as Cheshirism. ;-D

This means that, using a leash like any ordinary Cat, I can go outside, but...well you will have to see the rest of my adventure, and a couple of explanatory links with even more photos... ;-D

As a bonus, my post begins with a poem I wrote just for Secret Paws!

A poem I call Santa Paws is Coming to Town. ;-D