Friday, December 18, 2009

It arrived!

Alfie: Late yesterday afternoon, the man in bloo shorts (well OK he’s wearing longs at the moment ‘cos it’s cold) brought a parcel to our door, and JOY of JOY it was addressed to us!

Milo: Alfie took on the pawsome responsibility of sniffing the parcel to try and ascertain hoo had sent it … while I went to find Dad so he could help us to open it. And if you'd like to read abowt wot hapened next and hoo sent us the present, follow the LINK to our bloggie:

Alfie: BUT BE WARNED ... It involved the HUGEST, most HUMUNGUSS, SCAREY, FRIGHTENING, HAIRY, FEARSOME, FEROSHUS, VISHUS SPIDER in the WHOLE Werld. So if yoo have a nervuss dispostion yoo better sit on your mommma's lap to read it!

Love Milo and Alfie xxx