Saturday, December 19, 2009

My Secret Paw Arrival!

The other day a package arrived in the mail for me from my secret paw, it came all the way from New Mexico sent by Meeko and Kiara. The mom said that she would put the package under the Christmas tree and I could open it when it got closer to the big day. I didn't like this idea as I wanted to right away see what was inside. After looking as cute as I could I convinced her that I should open it asap and not wait.

You cannot imagine my excitement as I opened my package and saw so many gifts that were just for me! One of my favorites was something called cat nip. There was this mousie and some nip that went inside of it. Boy did I like that a lot. I played like I was the king of the jungle and really gave him what for, then when I got mellow I kind of loved on the mousie.

Gracie posing with all of the gifts.

Here I am posing with all of my wonderful presents sent to me by sweet Meeko and Kiara. Notice my beautiful pink collar along with my other gifts: my favorite white mice to throw around, two brown wobbly brown balls with feathers on them, my mousie nip toy, extra nip, and a refrigerator magnet from New Mexico.Thank you so much secret paws pals Meeko and Kiara how nice of you to send me such lovely gifts and how so nice that the mailman brought them to my house.


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  2. What a great haul!

    Such a cute cat, too!

    Daddy loves the blanket behind you in the last picture!

    Nikita Cat