Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Four Crazy Cats - Secret Paws Arrived!!

Our Secret Paws box arrived on Christmas Eve, and from Willow. She is a cat we'd never met before so we were extra excited to learn about a new kitty!

Devon waiting so patiently to open this fun looking box!
Devon and Tanner helping me unwrap all the goodies. We loved how everything was individually wrapped...it kept us in suspence that much longer! Auntie is taking pictures of the event.
This was an interesting toy...you pulled a string and it vibrated and moved around. Devon thought is was great fun, but Tanner was frightened. Even today, he's not too sure about it, although he'll come running when he hears it.
Devon claimed the nip cigar while Tanner and cousin Pirate looked on. We loved how our toys were in our favorite colors! The boys have been enjoying their new toys. I've pulled these mice out from under the stove numerous times now. I've found a couple of new toys upstairs too!
Here's a picture of all the loot :) We got a really nice letter from Willow herself. I loved the picture Willow's mom made using some pictures of the boys from their website.

Thanks Willow for being our Secret Paw!

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Victor & Nina's Secret Paws

We gotted our packages from Santa Wendell on Monday, an Mean Ol' Mom maked us wate til Christmas Day to open them!
Oh, I didn't mind waiting. I kept a close watch on our gifts under the tree.
Is It Gift Time?

Look at all dis, Nina! Nip nip nip cigars, a mousie, a crinkle ball an Temptations! Quick, open yurs!
Loot for Victor

Oh, I'll take my toys over here, under the rocker.
Nina's Gifts

Wul, Nina, if you don't want yur Temptations or yur nip, I'll take care of dem fur you!
If you're not going to eat them...
Think again, tabby-boy!

Fanks, Wendell! What a grate surprise dat you was our secrit paws dis year!
Merry Christmas and many purrs to you and your mom!
Victor & Nina

Secret Paw on Saturday

We finally got to open our presents from our Secret Paw,
The Hotties,over at The House of the (Mostly) Black Cats.

Laila is VERY interested in the two bags of catnip.

Angel checking out the Kong Duckie. Also, one of our favorite toys, springs!

Minchie whispering in Angel's ear where they are gonna hide the nip stash from Laila.

Thank you so much, Sanjee, Boni, Mini and Gree for our wonderful presents! We will be having lots of fun playing with everything!

Friday, December 25, 2009

Sweet Praline - Secret Paws

I received my Secret Paws package on Christmas Eve. To my surprise and joy, my Secret Paw was Billy Sweetfeets from the Meezers Tails! Billy is a lot of fun and loves to dance to music, especially from the 70s and 80s. For Christmas, he got his own blog entitled, "Dancing with Billy Sweetfeets."

Mom wouldn't let me open the package until Christmas Day. She pulled everything out for me, but I had to double check behind her to make sure she didn't leave anything out. I thought about squeezing into the box, but had second thoughts.

I had catnip, balls, my own stuffed dog, and other wonderful things. I looked at my mom and asked, "Is all of this for me?"

Just look at my special presents! I think I am one of the luckiest kitties alive. I wanted to open everything immediately, but Mom says we'll do a little each week so I'll have something new for several months.

I thought I better guard all of my new things, so I slept right in the middle of them all day Christmas Day.

You can see all of my loot in the foreground and background. Good thing Santa wasn't watching when I did some of my naughty things this year.

Thank you so much, Billy Sweetfeets! I love all of my presents and your thoughtfulness. I look forward to following you on your new blog.
Love, Sweet P!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

My Secret Paws Arrived!

I was at my favorite snoopervising spot, looking out the window for the man in blue shorts. (He did have shorts on that day because it was nice in San Francisco!) And guess what? He brought me this bright red Christmas package. Isn't it pretty? As you can see, there was something inside that got my attention.

Here are my cool presents, all spread out on the floor. I am inspecting them very closely.

Ohhh! There's that thing that smells good. NIP!! Fantastic! And there are lots of other toys to play with. There's chasing balls, and mice, and feathers, and a GIANT MOUSIE. I am going to enjoy these for a long time.

My People went out and got a Christmas tree for my presents. Here they are under the tree. THANK YOU VERY MUCH to my new pal, and Secret Paws sender, Sly, from Virginia. Merry Christmas to you and your People, Sly. I really loved my gifts.


Secret Paws - Sniffie and the Florida Furkids open their gifts!

Hey Mom - it's a package for US! It must be our Secret Paws package!!!

Look at all the goodies inside!

Ellie gets right into the box while Allie holds the lid open...

Its from Buddy at The Fluffy Cousins in Mew York!

Tamir says that blanket looks super nice!!

Hey look - toys AND 'nip!

Tamir likes the mousie and the ball with the feather...

Sniffie claims the blue ball with the bell for her own!

What a haul!!

Thank you to much to Buddy! We loved all of our gifts!! You can see some videos of us opening our gifts on our blog if you click HERE .

Secret Paws - sending our gifts!

It took us forever to get Mom to help us post these pictures of our Secret Paw package going out.

Sniffie checked the Kitty Pizza....

Tamir checked the hairy blanket to make sure it had some of our furs and smells on it......
Ellie and Allie checked to make sure effurything was in order - Pizza, blanket, catnip and some special Purple toys for some special friends...

Merry Christmas to our Secret Paw pals! We hope you enjoyed your gifts!!