Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Nikita Cat Opens Chrissymouse Gift!

Daddy finally let me open my Chrissymouse gift today!

Doggone if I didn't get a Chrissymouse Gift from a Princess!! ;-D

Princess Isis, The White Wolf!

How cool is that? ;-D

I know, I know, she ain't really a Princess, or even a Feline for that matter!

So? She's cool, friendly, and loves the camera as much as I do, as well as being, it turns out, friends with Hansel, & Tesla (who I sent my Chrissymouse Gift to!), whose Doggie brother is her nephew.

You will be relieved to know that there is at least ONE Dog, out there, who knows how to shop for a Feline.

Must be a female thing! ;-D

After getting the box open, it was time to get everything out of the box, and on the floor!

Of course I had to double check to make sure nothing was still in the box.

Thoroughness is second nature to most Cats, hee, hee! ;-D

I love Krinkle Balls & there are 2 of them!

A can of Friskies Prime Filet with Chicken and Gravy! Yummy!

Oh, joy! 2, count'em 2 bags of TREATS!

There's a bag of Whisker Lickin's Salmon Tender Moments, and...wait for it...

A bag of Tuna flavored Feline GREENIES!!

Greenies are my favorite!!!

Isis just became my favorite Doggie in the whole wide world! ;-D

Next I settled down to read the letter she sent...after I decided it didn't make a very good Sun Hat. ;-D

Settling down on the bed, basking in the warm sun, I read the letter with interest.

It was a very nice letter.

What a wonderful Chrissymouse Gift!

Thank you Isis! ;-D

Like in my last post I've also included a Chrissymouse Poem with the posting of this story on my blog, and you can read it there. ;-D

It is called "Have a Meowy, Purry, Chrissymouse!" ;-D


  1. Pawsome chrissymouse gifts! That dog must have taken lessons in feline etiquette and behavior!

  2. WOW! It looks like yoo had a great time!

    Milo and Alfie xx