Thursday, December 10, 2009

Derby and his Secret Paw stuff.

My Secret Paw box arrived. Filled with goodies for me and mum. Thanks Laila and Minchie
Come on mum, get over here and open this big box. You know I can't do this without thumbs!
Hmmm, stuff is all wrapped up too. Mum I still need your thumbs, I am not good with getting things untaped.
Greenies, one of my favorites, some toys and the new appetizers stinky goodness. Plus some chocolate for mum.

Plus Mum is making progress on getting my box out to my Secret Paw. We had all the stuff together and had the two boxes, not enough room for the stuff and for cushioning packaging.
So mum stopped at the station tonight and got a box and everything fits in it, so she can take in back to the station in the next day or so. Not later than Caturday, right mum? Right she said.