Thursday, December 17, 2009

Charlemagne and Tamar - We got our Secret Paws!

There's a box and it's addressed to us! We like getting mail. Mom, we want to open our package now!

Let's see who it's from. Wow, some kitty has really fancy writing!

It's from Boo over at ManxMnews! That package came all the way across the country to our house in Edmonds, Charlemagne.

Really? That's a long way, Tamar. Isn't she from Florida where our Daddy used to live?

Momma: Yes, kitties, that's right.

Okay, Momma - let's see what all is in there!

It's a Christmas card from Boo and the rest of the kitties, Abby, Gracie, Ping and Jinx. What a beautiful card! It will look so nice hanging up with the rest of Momma and Daddy's cards.

Oh goodness - look at all of the wonderful presents that she sent! Cat nip toys - goody, goody, goody. Those will be so fun to waller around with!

Wow, there's so much cool stuff here! Temptations and Fancy Feast and Meow Mix and catnip toys and a whole stocking full of kitty toys! We will be busy playing for a long time!

Don't forget the jack - we both really like the jack. Momma has seen both of us playing with it and carrying it around. We don't usually share, but we'll make an exception for it.

And look, she sent us a box to play in, too! Thank you so much for all of the great presents, Boo! We really appreciate it and look forward to spending lots of time playing with the toys and nomming on the yummy treats!

Boo, we're wishing you (and all your family) a pawsitively Purry Christmouse and a Happy New Year,

Charlemagne and Tamar

From Momma: The kitties don't have their own blog, but love reading about everyone's adventures. Charlemagne is the gray and white boy Maine Coon boy and Tamar is our tiger striped Pixie Bob girl.


  1. Now we know what you two look like! We sure do wish you had a blog! You two are very beautiful!

  2. Thanks, Laila and Minchie. We've chatted with Momma about it and if she ever did blog, it would be for us. For now, though, we have fun reading everyone else's adventures.

  3. What a wonderful and exciting day you had. Thanks for posting all those pictures, What fun!

  4. What a great haul!

    Such great looking kitties, too!

    Nikita Cat

  5. To Charlemagne, Tamar and their humans. Thank you so much for your kind words to comfort us on the loss of our beloved Angel. It meant so much to us that you cared about us at such a sad time. This was the only place we could find to thank you!

    Looks like you had a wonderful Secret Paws!

    All the best for 2010 to you all

    Whicky Wuudler
    and his Mum