Sunday, December 20, 2009

Secret Paws - sending our gifts!

It took us forever to get Mom to help us post these pictures of our Secret Paw package going out.

Sniffie checked the Kitty Pizza....

Tamir checked the hairy blanket to make sure it had some of our furs and smells on it......
Ellie and Allie checked to make sure effurything was in order - Pizza, blanket, catnip and some special Purple toys for some special friends...

Merry Christmas to our Secret Paw pals! We hope you enjoyed your gifts!!


  1. We forgot to mention that we're Sniffie and the Florida Furkids!!

  2. Oh man what an awesome package! Can't wait to see who gets it.

  3. Pawsome! Love the purple blanket, great gifts for a lucky kitty.

  4. Some lucky kitty is out there. I can't wait to see who get that. I've never heard of a kitty pizza.

  5. Pizza? For Cats?

    Never heard of this before!

    You are sooo lucky!

    Great pictires of you guys, and & your cool haul!

    Nikita Cat