Saturday, December 26, 2009

Victor & Nina's Secret Paws

We gotted our packages from Santa Wendell on Monday, an Mean Ol' Mom maked us wate til Christmas Day to open them!
Oh, I didn't mind waiting. I kept a close watch on our gifts under the tree.
Is It Gift Time?

Look at all dis, Nina! Nip nip nip cigars, a mousie, a crinkle ball an Temptations! Quick, open yurs!
Loot for Victor

Oh, I'll take my toys over here, under the rocker.
Nina's Gifts

Wul, Nina, if you don't want yur Temptations or yur nip, I'll take care of dem fur you!
If you're not going to eat them...
Think again, tabby-boy!

Fanks, Wendell! What a grate surprise dat you was our secrit paws dis year!
Merry Christmas and many purrs to you and your mom!
Victor & Nina