Sunday, December 20, 2009

My Secret Paws Arrived!

I was at my favorite snoopervising spot, looking out the window for the man in blue shorts. (He did have shorts on that day because it was nice in San Francisco!) And guess what? He brought me this bright red Christmas package. Isn't it pretty? As you can see, there was something inside that got my attention.

Here are my cool presents, all spread out on the floor. I am inspecting them very closely.

Ohhh! There's that thing that smells good. NIP!! Fantastic! And there are lots of other toys to play with. There's chasing balls, and mice, and feathers, and a GIANT MOUSIE. I am going to enjoy these for a long time.

My People went out and got a Christmas tree for my presents. Here they are under the tree. THANK YOU VERY MUCH to my new pal, and Secret Paws sender, Sly, from Virginia. Merry Christmas to you and your People, Sly. I really loved my gifts.